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Relationship Thoughts: Know Who You Are. Know What You Need. Communicate That to Your Partner

👉❤️ The biggest mistake that some couples make is “guessing and assuming.” Guessing and assuming their partner will know their wants or needs, assuming their partner gives and receives in the same manner that they do. If you prefer to chill at home on most weekends, don’t assume your partner shares the same mindset. If you enjoy lavish gifts, don’t assume your partner has a personal style of giving them. If you like being connected to your family every day of the week, don’t assume your partner will also enjoy that same frequency. If you enjoy your 9 to 5, don’t assume that your entrepreneurial partner will give up their dreams in favor of your type of employment. Right from the start in open and honest communication, explain who you are, what you need so that your partner can determine if they can pour that into the relationship.

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