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Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me

Life presents its own challenges that we as humans sometimes find ourselves feeling ill prepared to cope with. Author and Public Speaker, Lana Reid has co-existed with her pet cats since she was a child and has observed her feline friends innate ability to survive the confrontations they are presented with. In her book, Lana translates some of her cats’ wisdom and offers to human beings advice on how to overcome struggles and achieve personal growth. Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me gives pointers and daily inspiration to help everyone lead an enriched and more fulfilling life.

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Lana Reid is a Los Angeles based award-winning author, coach/professional speaker and syndicated host of the uniquely inspirational/motivational talk show Dont Box Me In.

Known for her passion in taking on a wide scope of topics that interest her (book titles range from Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me to My Love Notes to a Black Man - !), Lana is an engaging, inspiring and energizing speaker who moves her audiences through an interactive process of transformation.

Working from the idea that finding and securing emotional health and happy relationships begins with small steps, small changes and small investments in ones life, Lana guides individuals and teams using tools that are not only actionable, but also effective.

Lana is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Womens Speakers Association

Lana's Speaker information can be found here past clients and topics can be found here. Book Lana! Lana@LanaReid.com

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Email Lana Lana@LanaReid.com

Phone: 800-811-LANA (5262)

5042 Wilshire Blvd #24445
Los Angeles, California 90036

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