In Lana’s kindergarten class, the teacher handed out gold stars for good behavior that could be exchanged for ice cream. There was a boy who sat at Lana’s table who acted out all the time and never received enough gold stars for the reward, so Lana gave him some of hers that she had collected. A young Lana could not understand her classmate’s behavior but she figured some ice cream might help. The two soon became fast friends and so began Lana’s journey of caring about the emotional health and mental well being of others.

As the child of a military parent, Lana spent her formative years traveling the globe to live in places like Japan and Europe. These early adventures allowed Lana to learn that the world was full of different kinds of people, with differing beliefs, different lifestyles, and different upbringings. The entire experience shaped her understanding of others and allows her to provide a non judgment zone atmosphere when she sits down to talk with people and assist them in transitioning to the next level in numerous areas of their lives.

Helping people adapt, change, grow and live their best lives has become Lana’s passion and the wonderful world she tries to create around her.