Lana’s Diary

Life Skills: Are You Busy or Are You Productive?

If you caught up with me in my earlier seasons of life, I was always moving. Always had something to do. Always had something going on. I was always busy. Reflecting back on those years, to the outsider who might be watching me it probably brought to mind the image of a swimmer desperately kicking under the water but in reality they were not moving anywhere. Yes indeed, there were Read More

Careful What You Allow in Your Mind

In these days of Covid-19, I’ve been binge watching television shows a bit more than is common for me. When it comes to spending excess time in front of a television, my default choices are either Star Trek reruns or those “whodunit” crime shows, so while I found myself stuck at home more often than not, I completed a few hours of the crime show series. These shows almost always Read More

talent and skills are talent and skills… no matter how you acquire them.

Natural Talent vs. Learned Talent… is Still Talent

Sundays are house cleaning days for me. You will usually find me with the music turned up to an ear-blasting volume while I’m dancing around with the vacuum cleaner or a broom as I go through the house. I love to dance and I dance extremely well but just between you and me, I have a secret to share. I’m not a natural dancer. By that I mean, I’m not Read More

Lana Reid shares how a conversation with a tattooed man imparts life wisdom in regards to establishing priorities.


Not too long ago I was having a conversation with a man who was dressed casually in a tank top and some shorts. From what I could see, it appeared that he was covered in tattoos from his neck to his ankles. During the course of the conversation he was venting his frustrations about not being able to afford to buy a home and trying to explain to me how Read More

Lana Reid reflects on how high school relationships taught her the value of taking your time when it comes to making life decisions.

Don’t Rush the Decision

Back in my junior high school days, I went through a couple of the typical “puppy love” relationships. You know, those romantic and touching experiences that embed themselves in the memory for years to come. Most often these young and budding relationships never last long, usually ending over some extreme offense such as sitting with other friends during lunch rather than with your young love, but these experiences are very Read More