July 2022

“The Male Perspective” hosted by Lana Reid: guest Anthony Cooper

This episode of “The Male Perspective ” Lana sits down with Anthony Cooper – the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Reentry Services at the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development to discuss Wisconsin’s overwhelming Black incarceration problem, successful reentry solutions, and rethinking the purpose of incarceration to bring about effective prison reform in the United States. For more information on Anthony Cooper : https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-cooper-sr https://nehemiah.org https://www.focusedinterruption.org/cooper “The Male Perspective” Read More

“The Male Perspective” hosted by Lana Reid: guest Ramon Carter

This episode of “The Male Perspective ” Lana chats with Author, Empowerment Speaker, Educator and Transformation Strategist – Ramon Carter Sr. about his own personal transformation in various areas of his life. Mr. Carter also shares applicable and relatable wisdom about breaking generational curses, building healthy relationships and the “Spiritual Amnesia” in many church members that we see today. For more information on Ramone Carter Sr.: https://www.ramon-carter.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ramoncarter/ https://www.amazon.com/Ramon-Carter/e/B07ML1QWX2/ ➡️ Read More