“The Male Perspective” hosted by Lana Reid: guest Ramon Carter

This episode of “The Male Perspective ” Lana chats with Author, Empowerment Speaker, Educator and Transformation Strategist – Ramon Carter Sr. about his own personal transformation in various areas of his life. Mr. Carter also shares applicable and relatable wisdom about breaking generational curses, building healthy relationships and the “Spiritual Amnesia” in many church members that we see today.

For more information on Ramone Carter Sr.:
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“The Male Perspective” is hosted by Lana Reid, the founder of Conversations in Color, a nonprofit 501(c)3 grassroots organization dedicated to providing uplifting and community building spaces of dialogue for Black voices.

Conversations in Color’s Current Initiatives:

  • THE MALE PERSPECTIVE: The purpose of “The Male Perspective” is to dispel stereotypes and increase awareness of the experiences of Black men through open discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and sharing personal experiences that serve as a platform to highlight the diversity and depth of the Black male experience.
  • SISTAS REBUILDING SISTERHOOD: “Sistas Rebuilding Sisterhood,” is an intergenerational group of Black women who come together for relaxed and non-judgmental gatherings to exchange ideas, experiences and collaborate in a collective effort to improve the quality of sisterhood interactions in our day to day lives.
  • KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR : “Know Your Neighbor” community engagement will aim to foster connectivity and a sense of community in local neighborhoods through our video contest. The program seeks to encourage interaction among neighbors in their immediate area and create a sense of community that can lead to thriving, connected and safer areas.

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