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“The Male Perspective” hosted by Lana Reid: guest Cornell Ellis

This episode of “The Male Perspective,” Lana sits down with the Executive Director of Brothers Liberating Our Communities (BLOC) – Cornell Ellis to discuss strategic pathways to increasing the number of Black males in educational careers. Mr. Ellis sheds light on the historical adversities that contribute to the current low number of Black male teachers and their retention rate such as workplace biases, school board ideologies and available emotional support spaces. BLOC works to increase the number of Black males in K-12 education by recruiting at the high school and college level and providing mentorship along with effective professional development programs.

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This interview is part of the Black Men Matter (#BlackMenMatter) series of “The Male Perspective podcast. The weekly podcast showcases Lana Reid’s commitment to changing the narrative and stereotypes surrounding Black men by having informative, healthy and peaceful conversations with guests from all around the world. It opens the door for men to feel safe to tell their treasured stories and journey to the world.

Each week, two strangers sit down for a chat as Lana Reid hears the stories of men ranging from those who have recovered from childhood sexual abuse, struggled through co-parenting, to philosophies on relationships and entrepreneurship.

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