Relationship Thoughts

Relationship Thoughts: It’s Nothing Like a Reality TV Show

Lana Reid - Relationship Thoughts

👉❤️ When I was a young girl, I used to read romance novels all the time. It was an entertaining dream world, that gave the impression that a man would come along in  a wondrous cloud of heavenly smoke and together we would ride off into the sunset together. Then I started dating in real life and realized quickly that’s not how things worked. Reality TV shows are no different. They sell false dreams and give an illusion about relationships that “real people” can not maintain on a day to day basis. Most of us are not whisking off on exotic vacations in private jets, having our partner send us on lavish shopping trips, or even resolving our couple disagreements in the style you see on these shows. Our relationships look more like, “who is going to pick up the bread on the way home from work,” “do you want to go to the movies on date night,” or “how do we set a budget to maintain the household.”  Don’t let the un-reality that you see on TV set your expectations for your REAL relationship.

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