#LevelUp from the “chicken nuggets and applesauce.”

The other day I was in a restaurant and watched with amusement, a mother at the next table trying to get her toddler to eat some green beans. She tried the “look at me, I’m eating them…and they are yummy” routine. She kept holding a few up to him and he would stubbornly turn his mouth away. Even his big sister got in on it and ate some to show her little brother that green beans were not so bad.

In frustration, the mother turned to me and said “all he will eat is chicken nuggets and applesauce.” I smiled and nodded my head and continued to watch the whole ordeal. Finally, the lil guy tasted one green bean and if you could have seen the way his whole face lit up as he realized he actually liked the vegetable! It was the cutest thing. He then demolished his serving and asked for more.


How many opportunities in life do we miss out on because we don’t trust the “new,” “unfamiliar,” “not what I’m used to,” “I’ve never had/done this before” chances that land in our life? You know those things that are sent to push us out of our comfort zones.

How many times do we resist or push away things that are meant to nurture and improve our lives, our personal growth, our mind, our spirit because it’s not the normal “chicken nuggets and applesauce” that we have been consuming day after day?

How often does your life stay in the same spot because you refuse to be open minded to trying new ways?

#LevelUp from the “chicken nuggets and applesauce” and take a few chances on some “green beans” in your life 🤣🤣🤣

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