When Someone Brings Nothing to the Table… let Them Grow

🔴Yesterday I was chatting with a 20-something yr old female about her relationship. She made the comment “He don’t bring anything to the table!”

My mindset has grown over the years about this concept because I realize that at some point in ALL of our lives, we have sat down at other people’s tables and the ONLY thing we have brought to that table was ourselves and an appetite. I believe the key factor is being humble and open to growing when we find ourselves in these situations.

👉 *figuratively speaking* If all you have eaten/experienced your entire life is a 99 cent, paper wrapped burger served on a TV tray and you get the opportunity to be invited to a table where the host is clearly eating better…then you need to be humble and willing to grow. 

Maybe you find yourself sitting at a table and the host is serving a seven course meal on fine china and real silver flatware. The host has flown in a pastry chef from France and lobster in Beurre Monte with fresh spinach or trout in puff pastry along with Gaufrette baskets are the main course. Then there is a butler who comes around to each guest and places a linen napkin on your lap for you. Also, the host has a three piece jazz ensemble softly playing off to the side and a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling…it’s best to be humble and use that opportunity to learn, grow and become better.


What you DON’T do is sit at that table and tell the butler he does not know how to do his job, or complain about the music or tell the pastry chef they need to add more sugar. You don’t deplete your host’s supply of 100 yr old Cognac, start stashing the flatware in your purse or hoard all the lobster. You don’t belittle or demean the host’s outfit for the evening or try to pull one of your familiar paper wrapped burgers out of your jacket pocket and place it on the fine china. 

If and when you get a chance to sit at a table where someone is clearly eating better than you on the regular basis… you appreciate the opportunity. Embrace the opportunity. Grow from the opportunity.

In real life this table could be: A table of love. A table of financial empowerment. A table of knowledge and intelligence. A table of business success. A table of higher standards and so on.

If you find yourself invited to sit at a table and you are empty handed: sit down…eat…get full…burp…just don’t ruin dinner for your host and by all means learn from that experience and make your own table flourish a bit better.

Love and Light to all,

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